Team Work -Team Play <br> <br> Work and Play Become One........<br> <br> Whether we are working in a place for the next 1 year, 10 years, 100 years isn't the issue. The issue is while we are working there, we treat everyone, and our work as if we are going to be there for a hundred years. Why? Because wherever we work, we are working with other PEOPLE. People have feelings, impressions, can be happy and can be hurt. Hence when we are working there, we should never think, these people don't matter, I am just here for a short time so it doesn't matter what they think. But we should think, while I am here I AM GOING TO MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY. I am going to be kind to everyone. I am going to make everyone like me and I am going to like them. Then wherever we go, we create respect, love, care and good feelings from others towards ourselves. That is so important as it will affect other areas of our life.<br> We may plan this or that for the next 30 years but we can die tonight. Everyone in between is insignificant or just a stepping-stone to get where I want would be a bad attitude to have. Because whether we live 30 years more or 30 hours more, it is WHAT we create in our environment which is of the ultimate importance. Do we create distrust, laziness, irresponsibility and dishonor? Or the environment we create is trust, responsibility, kindness and integrity? Whether we live long or not is out of our hands, but what we do during that time is in our hands. Life is much more than getting ahead at the expense of others. Getting ahead in life is fine, creating a happy, trusting, caring environment along the way IS MOST IMPORTANT.<br> <br> If we use people and a place as a stepping stone..we lose everyone's respect and we lose respect for ourselves. We may get the money and material items, but when we lose respect for ourselves, then we become bitter and unhappy. Even angersome eventually. That would not be a good result for all the hard work. Hard work must result in happiness of the mind not just material gains. HAPPINESS FOR OTHERS AND OURSELVES IS THE ULTIMATE RESULT OF WORK AND CAREER WE SHOULD SEEK. A happiness that brings zero harm to others.<br> <br> <strong>1. Doing work in such a way that others don't need to correct us, or push us to meet the deadline is such a wonderful way to give back to others in the office. Free love to them.</strong><br> <br> <strong>2. Helping another member of our team to finish their work, or cover for them in emergencies without agenda is a nice spiritual way to live.</strong><br> <br> <strong>3. Never backbite about other people in our team. We have issues, talk it out in a pleasant manner with the attitude to solve the problem but not to win. Winning is not everything. Sometimes you can win, but lose everything in the process. Talk to iron things out is the best motivation. Never create schism or insinuate. Make peace and harmony.</strong><br> <br> <strong>4. Be honest. Come when you are supposed to and leave when things are done... Never leave your work for others to cover for you. You send a message to people that you haven't any integrity. Integrity is the basis of trust. When you create trust in people's mind, you create a harmonious attitude and environment. Everyone enjoys harmony.</strong><br> <br> <strong>5. Buy lunch, a birthday card, a snack, a drink and stuffed toy for others in your team from time to time. Soup when their sick. Be caring with eachother. Don't think of the office as just a place to get as much freebies and money as you can. But a place to share, give and return kindness too.</strong><br> <br> <strong>When? Whenever necessary.<br> 6. We all have personal problems that we bring to work sometimes and we can't help it because it disturbs us. So if we have reacted negatively to someone because of it, apologize from the heart when you have calmed down. Bringing our problems to work is an inevitable, but apologizing from the heart is wonderful. Apologies do not make you lose face in the long run. In fact, it helps you to gain face.</strong><br> <br> <strong>7. Sure your quitting time may be for example 6pm, but if there's work, finish it and support your team. If you run out, after a while people feel you are not with them and then eventually they will not be with you. Teamwork is not about the work, it is about how you make others feel when you finish the work and not leave it to them. It's called caring and compassion.<br></strong> <br> <strong>Work and play are not different when your work makes a huge difference in other people's lives. The concept of work and play being different is applicable sometimes but not in all circumstances. There are times when we go to 'play' after work AND it becomes work. For examples being stuck in traffic, your friends cancel appointments, overcrowded loud shopping malls, relationships that drag us down, being with people who are totally into themselves, getting to a party that is totally not happening or meeting people who are not for real. These are some scenarios that play time becomes worse than 'work' time.<br><br> The purpose of work is to support ourselves so we can do activities that make us happy. But if our work is such a nature that it brings others happiness, then we are priviledged to work in such a job and it is not really a job. Hence we should not treat it as work or job in the traditional sense of the word. Because helping others bring happiness to ourselves so that is not work. Hence timing is not the issue anymore. It's about giving it your all, and getting alot back as a result.</strong> <strong><br> How can you make a cut off time when you are happy and others are happy because of you? Think deeply about that. We are being paid to bring others happiness. How can that be work? Bringing happiness to others will bring happiness to ourselves. Of course having said that, we would like to meet with friends, go karaoke, walk in the park, pujas, retreats, a drive, shopping after 'work' sometimes and THAT IS FINE. The point here is that if you have the good affinity to work in a organization/job that benefits others, don't treat it as work. Don't treat it as a job. It is much much much more than a career. It is better than any career you can ever have. Careers give us money and a sense of purpose hoping that will bring happiness. But money and false self purpose doesn't ever bring happiness. Check it out. A job that brings purpose and satisfaction is something that enriches the lives of others SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM. Having a job like that is not a job. We should never view it as so. We should think our job is actually happy time or enjoyable time.<br><br> 8. Are we lucky enough to work with people that give to us, share, generous, supportive, loving, kind, and always there to talk to us? Then why is being with these people considered being at work? It looks like enjoyment to me. Sometimes people at 'work' turn out to be better than people we have at home, our partners, even long time friends. Why do we label people at work, just work mates? They can turn out to be super-duper, loyal, loving friends. Even better than people we have labelled our partner or friends. Many instances of that.</strong> <strong><br></strong> <br> We have to change our perspective. Sometimes we bring all our problems from our friends, relationships and home to work. We make our work mates listen to us, console us, be there for us, but we give nothing back. When it's 6pm, it's quitting time and we are gone!! People outside of work bring us problems, and people at work solve it for us. It sounds like the people at work ARE OUR REAL FRIENDS sometimes. Check it out. Sometimes we feel happier with the people at work than outside of work. True? It can be true. We have to ask ourselves, why don't we do more for our work mates? Why do we do more for people outside of work? Because one is labelled for fun and the other is for work? That is wrong perception if we examine it closely. What do we do for others at work? How much do we share or give or do we just take. People at work give us the livelihood to spend it on ourselves and friends. And if your workmates are wonderful group of people on top of livelihood, they also give you friendship, love, understanding, an ear at times, advice, support and care. Don't we have a ethical and humanistic attitude to return that? Of course we do.<br> <br> <strong>9. Just because we didn't go to school with them when younger, or have intimate relations with people at work does not mean they are not worth our time, energy, evenings and weekends. Remember, when we see it as 'sacrifice' of our evenings or weekends with these people at the office is when we label it work. But how come when we go with friends/partners, it is not a sacrifice of our free time? Because our view is wrong. Whether the people that support us and care for us are at work or outside work is NOT THE CRITERIA. The criteria is that these people HELP ME..and it just so happens they are from work. So when I hang out with these people in the office or outside beyond my 'working hours', it is not work, but it is with friends and enjoyable... THAT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER.</strong><br> <br> If we want to get ahead, we have make our priorities more important. If we have a passion for painting, but we don't set time aside for it, then how to be recognized for it or accomplish it. If we are into relationships that get us nowhere, movies, food, gossip, dancing, or very protective of our attachments and not willing to let go of anything to accomplish a bigger goal, then a bigger goal cannot be achieved. Being in some sort of job or work and not going all the way will lead to disappointment. We have to go all the way in whatever job we are in. We have to think that whatever we do, must be the best we have done.<br> <br> <strong>10. It 's important to not always expect support in the office. The office may have some project or whatever going on, we must make sure we attend. It gives the whole office a feeling of solidarity, support and loyalty. Whether at home or at the job, we should go all the way. Don't treat others according to our own labels. We should treat them for who they are without being judgemental but with discernment. Judging and discerning seems similar but differentiated by motivation.</strong><br> <br> If work and free time is made into such a distinction like the ex-berlin wall, then you will not treat the people at work as they deserve especially if they are good people. This is not always the case, but it can be. You treat the people at work as work and subtly you send a message that they are not worth you maybe. Just a thought... In general look carefully and see who is with you...<br> Work and workmates should not always be viewed as having a cutting off time. When the whistle blows..bye bye! Remember, see where your friends really are. Who is there for you and give you words of wisdom. Remember their kindness whether it is at work or home.<br> <br> Tsem Tulku

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