Just be real always. It doesn’t matter how you look. Why become a teacher by Tsem Tulku Rinpoche?<br> July 29, 2010<br> <br> It’s ‘glamorous’ to sit on a throne with a title, but the Three Lower Realms make no exceptions. Teachers must practice Dharma also. I am a teacher (sorry), but am fully aware that I’m no exception to any rules of karma. I have to practice the same as my ’students’. Buddha never said, “Hey if you’re a Rinpoche, you are an exception”. Rinpoche or not, everyone is subject to karma.<br> <br> When I was enthroned as a tulku, my teacher (abbot) never said ‘now you can do anything you want’! He said I have to work harder now. Just because I sit on big throne and teach doesn’t mean I’m Buddha or near it. I just have a little more knowledge. We have to practice. I’m Tsem Tulku, but that doesn’t make me enlightened. It makes me more careful with myself because people respect me. Karma applies to me.<br> <br> Tsem Rinpoche makes offerings to his Guru, Kensur Jampa Yeshe Rinpoche<br> <br> Even Lord Buddha has NO power over the laws of karma, so we better practice and go beyond it according to His teachings. I never wanted to be a teacher, because I know I’m not better than most. But since I’ve no choice, I just have to be more aware.<br> <br> Without sentient beings how can any teacher benefit anyone? Hence a teacher needs to develop charity, giving, love and care for students. Teachers should never utter words that create intentional pain, mistrust or disharmony in others’ lives. It defeats their teaching. Teachers must take care of the students’ emotions, finances, needs and physical welfare as much as possible, then give them Dharma.<br> <br> Teachers must be more humble, generous, forgiving than their students otherwise why are they teachers? I’m not the greatest teacher by far. But when I teach, I try to do it from my heart and truly benefit the listener. I do care. Caring is really hard, but not caring is MUCH HARDER. Believing in karma makes you take responsibility for your actions and consequences. You don’t blame anyone, not even a ‘higher force’.<br> <strong><br> Teachers are kind to students no doubt. But students help teachers a lot also. Teachers must appreciate and take care of them. Teachers and students are interdependent on each other for many things including bringing Dharma to others. Both need to be humble.</strong><br> <br> Tsem Rinpoche with the reincarnation of his root Guru, Kyabje Zong Rinpoche<br> <br> It’s silly to look holy in front of your teacher and behind his back, to the other students, you’re arrogant or selfish. Karma is everywhere. Looking and acting virtuous only to impress is the biggest non-virtuous act. This is because every act becomes fake. If a teacher wishes to live on donations of others, the teacher has a tremendous responsibility to practice Dharma fully.<br> <br> <strong>The whole reason a teacher becomes a teacher is to TRULY BENEFIT OTHERS TANGIBLY not just in our fantasies. Don’t be a teacher for respect, praise and donations, it doesn’t work that way. PEOPLE ARE REALLY SUFFERING and they trust you. Teachers who are in it for the easy life, trust me, IT IS NO EASY LIFE TO BE A TEACHER. YOU’RE ON CALL 24 HOURS TO SUFFERINGS.<br></strong> <br> Be open and have fun with students. Don’t be so serious. Dharma is in all phenomena, including fun. Doing Dharma doesn’t mean you need to be holy and serious all the time. Lighten up and just be you and practice with a smile.<br> <br> Be a teacher who is a REAL TEACHER because you’re kind. Be a student who is a REAL STUDENT because you apply the teachings and transform.<br> <br> Always be real.<br> Less hassles.<br> Less problems.<br> Less mind games.<br> Less fears.<br> Just be real always. It doesn’t matter how you look.

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